IVY TIEGEL Psychotherapy

 “Allow yourself to become intimately connected with all your parts.” -Virginia Satir

It takes courage to shine light on the parts of you that want to be seen—this may include (but not be limited to): relationships and intimacy; grief and loss; anxiety and ADHD. With a spirit of play and creativity, I will encourage you to engage your sense of wonder, so we can identify and build on your unique strengths.

Words can be hard to access at times. In addition to talking, we may also use visual and movement arts, sand tray, writing, ritual, and body awareness, as we explore what it means to be you.

Using a culturally sensitive lens, I welcome individuals of all ethnic, racial, and spiritual backgrounds, along the gender and sexuality spectrum, from teens to elders. I am poly-aware and BDSM/kink-knowledgeable, and sex worker friendly.

I am happy to provide a free 20-minute phone consultation to learn more about how I can help.