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Individual therapy

Some Common Issues I Can Help With:

  • Relationships and Intimacy

    1. Open Relationships

    2. Sexuality, Gender and Identity including LGBTQQIA+

    3. Anxiety, Stress and Depression

    4. ADHD

    5. Creative Blocks

    6. Self Compassion and Releasing Shame

    7. Life Transitions and Life Purpose

    8. Psychedelic Integration

    9. Grief and Loss

    10. Aging

    11. Coping With Alzheimer’s or other Chronic Diagnoses

“The difference between hope and despair is a different way of telling stories from the same facts.”
-Alain de Botton


Couples therapy

If you are like many couples, by the time you decide to see a therapist, you are feeling hopeless—like there’s no way both (or all) of you can get your needs met. You want to connect with your partner. You want to stop spinning your wheels. You want to remember what you cherish about each other.

I will help you learn to slow down and LISTEN to each other with curiosity, respect, and a willingness to be surprised. With couples in all kinds of relationships, I support you to communicate more effectively, and see the best in one another.

“In connecting with ourselves, we can form connections with others.”
-Virginia Satir